Skill Memory Products G. OS recognized and full formatted all the disk. No, create an account now. Is 53C a dangerous temperature for these disks? When I decide to purchase another drive or 2 for this comp, I’ll setup an array. As it came a little long I have marked my questions in red.

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Thanks Ace for going the extra mile to try that. May 23, 7.

Question about configured RAID on an Abit IP35 Pro

I thought maybe I’d get better performace running Raid0 than ide. Astral AbyssMay 24, You have to set this up prior to installing the OS.

Thanks for the advice guys. Putting the ICH9R into RAID mode does not force all attached drives to be members of an array – creating an array and selecting member drives is a separate step.

Abit IP35 Pro RAID Setup

All times are GMT raud From what I have read, there may be a. May 24, 9. If it’s a fresh install with nothing to lose, why not give it a shot though? HD Tach’s “Burst Speed”: With two drives you can do Raid 1 for redundancy, but you will not get a speed boost using Raid 1.


No, create an account now. But for home that may be a while.

Skill Memory Products G. The 2 options for “Write caching and safe removal” were grayed out but I can see that “Optimize for performance” is selected. Can it be converted somehow to support an internal drive?

I have an abit IP35 Pro mobo. After this, the option “Enable write caching on the disk” that I had just marked on Disk Manager became grayed out. The time now is May 23, 4. Board index Hardware Storage. Who is online Users browsing this forum: When I decide to purchase another drive or 2 for this comp, I’ll setup an array. Should I be worried? Is this the normal behavior of the disks connected to the ICH9R?

ABIT IP35 PRO RAID 1 problems – TR Forums

Yes, my password is: I’m not in a situation critical environment on a home computer, so have no need for raidI really don’t need fault tolerance. May 24, So, to sum up: Is there any way to set it up so that I can have the single GB drive not in an array and the 2 GB drives in an array? I ended up having to rebuild the OS to get it into RAID mode, but it went pretty quickly, and I keep all my data on a separate drive so I didn’t lose anything.


Sep 26, May 23, 5.

If you change your mind in the future, you will not have to re-install the OS. It makes no sense