Clean start after a failed migration. I opened the files with vim, and found out the contained vCards and iCalendar blobs in them. The initial import might be slow and could use a lot of memory, especially if you have folders with a large amount of mail. When I came across your post, I felt there must be a more natural way to extract the calendar data. There are actually good reasons to use something better than SQLite — in particular, SQLite performs quite badly when multiple clients use it and Akonadi serves a single user, but multiple clients — all the PIM parts. When I tried the ‘Copy’ folder on larger folders, KMail crashed everytime with an error message. Sorry to spam you that code did not show up correctly:

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Unless you have a mixed folder containing both maildir folders and mbox files, you should choose Maildir. Very disappointing, however, databasf Akonadi calendar resources require such a big effort for a simple data migration.

Extracting Data from Akonadi (Kontact) | Guy Rutenberg

So being upset about Akonadi I did some greping and found strings from dahabase contacts and todo lists in the following files:. Spam filter at least in version 4. The email data was a good as it was going to get, and I was not prepared to have to repeatedly restart the akonadi server many times each day. Been using Claws for a few days now; very impressed with it.


So, why not serialize the requests to the DB in Akonadi? Your script was a great help to extract the data from the database. So you end up with MySQL to serve a single user on a desktop machine. To make things worth, somewhere along the update to KDE 4.

Extracting Data from Akonadi (Kontact)

For Local folders disable interval checking and also disable Include in manual mail check in the Retrieval options. Sorry to spam you that code did not show up correctly: Be sure to check that you are subscribed to all your important folders.

I have looked at only 2 databaase and there are discrepancies in both. Add the POP3 accounts as well. To handle all of them without unacceptable latency on user requests, they used multithreading or multiprocessing.

What is stored in the file system is less than what is showing in KMail.

Next check import your local mails. I failed to export my contacts before moving to kubuntu oneiric and kmail 2 and found that the usual kabc files containing my contacts where empty. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. After that, synchronizing database access in order to serialize it is quite hard; add to it akkonadi not necessary for anything but SQLite, and the decision to just drop SQLite is a no-brainer.


Let me abuse of your patience: I spent many hours trying to figure out another solution, searching and grepping, but at the end I gave your approach a try and it worked really well.

Re: Fresh restart? (was: Re: Akonadi database)

Don’t create or copy vCards inside this folder manually, they are managed by the Akonadi framework! Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thanks a lot for sharing this. In that case per-folder check is preferred. Where Akonadi data are stored?

If the check complete or for one folder is finished and the memory usage is still high, you could restart the Akonadi server — dtaabase seen above — or just databawe maildir agent, if you use akonadiconsole. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You also need to verify the identity settings and set the sent-mail, drafts and templates folders to point to the right folders.

Being stuck with the InnoDB tables, I tried the following solutions without much success: You can use KMail Kontact datbase it, or you can use the akonadiconsole tool.