Metro was released in , but it is still one of the most demanding titles we’ve come across–especially when you turn on DirectX 11 features. In other words, two different models do not necessarily have the same panel. All gaming laptops require a respectable amount of power to operate, even if the power consumption remains far lower than in a comparable desktop system. Some laptops are now equipped with individually backlit keys, but this is apparently not the case with the G For some reason, Asus has chosen not to include Nvidia’s Optimus feature switchable graphics in the G55VW, meaning that the GTX M is active all the time and does not switch to the integrated Intel GPU to save power, even when running on battery power.

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On the plus side, and perhaps in part because of its bulky design, the laptop feels very asus g55vw. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. The G55VW weighs no less than 3. This does not mean asus g55vw it is faster than its designation–the M is still slower than the M–but it should offer more performance per watt compared to the older Asus g55vw M.

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

asus g55vw There is little to complain about in terms of connectivity. However, this tradeoff in weight is compensated by an also large and very efficient cooling solution.

Asus G55VW-ES71 – External Reviews

The reason can be attributed to a great cooling solution with the characteristic auss vents in the rear, which seem to be able to blow out all excess heat with very little effort. This has to be a asus g55vw with the drivers and an update from Asus will hopefully address this issue. Accessories Some of Asus’ Republic of Gamers laptops have been known to ship with a suitable backpack and an external mouse, but this was not the case asus g55vw the G55VW-SV.


Another problem is that the asus g55vw grills are located behind the displaywhich of course 5g5vw the overall sound quality in front of the laptop.

During light loads with display brightness set to the highest setting, the laptop doesn’t use much more than 30W, but this number increases to well over W when you apply some load. Large vents in the rear.

The upper parts of the laptop, including palm rest and lid, consists of a rubberized material that is comfortable to the touch and much less susceptible to fingerprints and smudges than glossy plastics. It is usually preferable to get rid of the monitor cable s by having them in the back. However, it is not fast enough to keep up with the highest resolutions when PhysX effects are added to asus g55vw mix.

Also, before you go looking for the second hard drive bay that was present in the G53SX, the G55VW doesn’t have one–there is just room for a single full-size 2. Asus g55vw may be an awkward placement for the asus g55vw outputs all found on the right side of the laptop depending on how your external monitor is attached.

The new design asus g55vw appealing compared asus g55vw the predecessor. One of the best parts of the Republic of Gamers laptops is that they are very quiet compared to most if not all other gaming laptops. Some laptops are now equipped with individually backlit keys, but this is apparently not the case with the G On the other hand, the mobility factor is hampered by the laptop’s weight and relatively poor battery life.

asus g55vw

The G55 borrows heavily from its predecessors, asus g55vw Asus has updated the design by adding a recessed keyboard area in a brushed asus g55vw finish that extends down the sides of the laptop. It can also be overclocked up to 3.


The latest Batman game has the advantage g555vw a built-in benchmark tool that passes through scenes of varying complexity. Another asus g55vw part of any pointing device is its pair of buttons, and the G55 does not disappoint here. The G55VW establishes itself as the fastest notebook in the asus g55vw and will g55gw only feed amazing gaming experiences today, but is primed to continue delivering asus g55vw for years to come. In comparison, the GTX M came in two variants: It seems that the huge cooling solution is doing a great jobas it should.

Asus G55VW-ES71

TN Twisted Nematic is the cheapest panel technology, as opposed to the much less common at least in laptops IPS In-Plane Switching technology, but the image quality varies also between different panels. See any errors on this page? It’s all right there on the Start asus g55vw. The processor now has more leverage than ever to increase its clock asus g55vw on demand.

Turbo Boost Intel’s Turbo Boost feature has improved a great deal since the re- introduction in the 1st-gen Core i7 series. The Elder Scrolls V: The asus g55vw, intelligent thermal design improves asus g55vw and thermal efficiency by exhausting hot air from the back of the machine, enabling you to leave the competition battling for survival in your wake.

For certain apps, you can try it out before you buy it so you can make sure you absolutely want an app before you spend your asus g55vw money on it.