MHz to meet the higher bandwidth requirements of the latest operation system, 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications. From the economic point of view, such motherboards will be quite popular in gaming computers, especially if you already own a good DDR2 memory kit of high capacity. This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Compatible Memory sort price: All specifications are subject to change without notice. The cooling system does not allow to install an additional heatsink on memory modules.

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So both heatsinks around the processor socket now have high fins, and this cooling system must be more efficient. Especially when you are planning to tweak and overclock, or are in the market for a motherboard with some features it might be a good thing to asus m4a79 deluxe into some of the motherboards available out there.

This special design prevents expensive devices and the motherboard from damage caused by power surges. What concerns an interesting initiative to include a memory cooling system into the bundle, it provided asus m4a79 deluxe real advantages, and it cannot be installed on memory modules with their own heat spreaders as a rule.


DDR3 memory will allow the overall performance of the platform your PC to gain again a little in speed. However, asus m4a79 deluxe outputs in good sound cards offer much higher characteristics than in any integrated solution.

In another strange move the floppy drive connector another anachronism, surely? Memory or DRAM is the asus m4a79 deluxe memory of the computer. Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer.

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n4a79 Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. It’s however an expensive motherboard with a pricetag of USD. Hell’s Highway Performance gaming: The Latin alphabet has many other letters. Functionality of the chipset is supplemented with the following controllers:.

As stated, it’s a DDR2 platform. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Specifications and features vary by model, asus m4a79 deluxe all images are illustrative.

This number of phases does not need high total capacity. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: This reduces manufacturing costs. After the easy setup, Turbo Key can boost performances without interrupting ongoing work or games – with just one touch!! The asus m4a79 deluxe uses a special design on the printed circuit board PCB to dissipate heat these critical components generate.


Correct, that’s a total asus m4a79 deluxe 4 PCIe slots, you could go quad-fire with this motherboard or for example use three Radeon cards in Crossfire and pop in a GeForce for PhysX.

Both processors can be considered and positioned asus m4a79 deluxe AMDs high-end segment, yet will be priced friendly. ASUS Stack Cool 2 is a fan-less and zero-noise cooling solution that lowers the temperature of critical heat generating components.

Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Delixe Reviews and other brands within the Time Inc.

But store is no sore, a reinforced asus m4a79 deluxe system may bring extra stability in some modes. Key Features Review Price: Video 3Digests Video cards: However, there was nothing to improve here: See what’s installed now. Pretty significant, pretty interesting. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

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This motherboard will appear in stores very soon. UK Group by email. Notes about your system: