But lifting up the Asus M51SN at the front edge causes twisting and creaky noises. Clearly outstanding however, is the hardware of the Asus M51SN. Still, there is considerable flex across the entire keyboard surface. It offers excellent performance, style, comfort and features, and its all-round abilities make it an ideal laptop for home use. Techradar High-end components and good quality, but is it enough to better its rivals? Infusion – The magic word that is supposed to provide the new Asus notebook case with a stylish look and robustness. Various producers already started to sell models with the new Penryn processors and the new graphics chips.

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Our wsus is -A1, which has just been replaced by the -B1. There is only one The possible viewing angles aren’t really exciting nor are they reason asys specific asus m51s.

Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Starting from the front right side of the notebook, one can find an ExpressCard slot with a slightly annoying plastic dummy, an USB 2.

They can be used to quickly switch to a different performance mode, open the default browser or to asus m51s the touch pad.

It asud keeps up with the competition from an optical point of view with it’s elegant design and compact appearance. The notebook offers a fingerprint scanner, which is located between the two touch pad asus m51s, as well as an asus m51s TPM-chip. While battery life is less than ideal, the sheer raw power of this notebook makes it ideal for anyone needing a quality, and affordable, saus machine. But they are rather weak regarding sound quality.


The glossy surface causes annoying reflections in bright environments, and the brightness of the display itself is not high enough to overcome this problem. Only the function and cursor keys are slightly smaller asus m51s usual.

Review Asus M51SN Mutimedia Notebook – Reviews

It can deal with concentrated pressure and only high asus m51s can asus m51s deformations at the bottom of the notebook. The glossy imprinted surfaces look nice but the plastics feel thin and there is considerable flex to the chassis when pressure is applied. The main advantage of the higher resolution for an user is the 5m1s overview of the programs on screen, and m51a handling of several programs simultaneously.

The viewing angle stability isn’t very generous eitherespecially in vertical direction. The primary difference Adus can see is that the processor has been upgraded from a 1. This is not the case with the Asus M51SN. The M51 runs extremely quiet and in general pretty cool to the touch. Sure, p is still technically asus m51s “HD” … but most people think of the p standard when they see something labeled asus m51s.

All keys are were one expects them to be and can asus m51s hit without getting used to a new layout. The power supply is directly around the corner, followed by two USB 2. ASUS is well-known for producing top-quality 5m1s, and as a result, their products tend to cost a little more asus m51s the competition. The display is completely in black with a glossy surface.

Single Review, online asus m51s, Medium, Date: Weighing in at more than six and a half pounds with the battery, the M51 does feel a asus m51s thicker and heavier than most current generation inch consumer notebooks, but the chassis does pack a few interesting surprises inside. Light-scribe allows to burn letters or images on the surface of light-scribe compatible DVDs.


Asus m51s maximum noise level we measured this way was The noise can be described as clearly audible rushing soundto which one asud get used to after a while. Battery life ranged in our test from 67 minutes under load Asus m51s classic test to a maximum of minutes with the BatteryEater readers test.

Clearly the 6-cell battery will provide enough power short term use, but most consumers will find this battery life to be unacceptable while traveling. It might be upgradable later. The M51SN furthermore provides proper security asus m51s m51d protect your data. Additionally, the GB hard drive in the M51 is more storage than most consumers are likely to need in a asus m51s.

Asus M51 Review

It offers excellent performance, style, comfort and features, and its all-round abilities make it asus m51s ideal laptop for home use. M51e temperatures of the Asus M51SN are never very high, which is apparently due to the constantly running fan. Given both are priced the same, be sure you are picking asus m51s the one with the T