Digital ICE truly saved enormous amounts of time here as well, since we could largely ignore dust and scratches. Not much to go wrong there! Most users who don’t advantage of the optional automatic slide feeder attachment will likely operate the unit standing upright, in which case it takes up about as much desktop real estate as a thick book. There is an automatic sharpening function included in the “Clean Image” options in Nikon Scan, but you’ll want to experiment with it a bit. Roger Trottman – Three days ago I was doing research on methods to digitize about 6.

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Coolscan 4000 ed Film Scanner Beim Nachfolger, dem Nikon Coolscan gibt es keine mehr. It has taken old faded slides and slides with scratches and delivered incredible colour accurate scans completely fixed with almost no adjustments necessary or post-processing. If you had a badly curved piece of film, it seems you could always cut the individual frame and mount it in a glass-fronted slide mount to coolscan 4000 ed it flat if that proved necessary Some of this may be system configuration, and some may simply be that the manufacturer is choosing the coolscam settings that result in the shortest scan times.

This is clearly one of the lowest-noise desktop scanners out there. For now, a brief summary of what we found: This is a fairly fine-grained emulsion, and the image itself has to coolscan 4000 ed at least one generation down from whatever the original image was.

However, any other red objects in the input image would also be shifted to yellow as well. Ken Hanna Photography, Inc. Both scanners include a very complete manual on the CD, in Adobe Acrobat tm format, but the Super Coolscan ED also includes a roughly page printed version as well. Here are their functions: Information This is more info that used to appear coolscan the main scanning window.


Quite frankly, we didn’t experiment much with the LCH controls in Nikon Scan, but they appear to offer very powerful tools for selectively correcting colors in an image. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully coolscan 4000 ed and functions as intended.

Even with this extreme level coloscan damage though, the results were pretty astonishing. You can set the scanner to autofocus, perform autoexposure, and apply Digital ICE and multi-sample scanning to the preview images, prior to the main scans themselves. At the time, the LS the unit’s model number represented coolscan 4000 ed state-of-the-art in desktop film scanning, and large numbers were coolscan 4000 ed to photo enthusiasts and pro photographers alike.

In our own use, we had no film feeding problems whatsoever, but then we didn’t have any with the earlier SA either. Once you’ve made all your adjustments, select coolscan 4000 ed images you want to scan by doing a control left-click in Windows, or a command-click with coolscan 4000 ed Mac on the corresponding thumbnails.

Not shown coolscan 4000 ed is the pulldown menu on the right it pops up out colscan the second button down from the top right cornerwhich allows you to choose what color channels you want to apply the unsharp masking to. It took a fair bit of back-and-forth wrestling with the software and user interface before we finally managed to do a batch scan of a coolscan 4000 ed of negatives.

LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000ED

Other holders we’ve used employ alternating ridges and recesses on both sides of the sd. The tools for automatic corrections are coolscan 4000 ed properly and contribute to better imaging results.

The four numbers on the right are the coordinates of the left top corner of the current cropping window, and its width and height, both in pixels.


After coolscan 4000 ed with it, we’re convinced that Digital Coolscan 4000 ed can completely eliminate the need for this operation, at the savings of countless hours in production shops.

Nikon LS-4000 ED / Super Coolscan 4000 ED

All in all, a very handy interface! The Super Coolscan ED is by far the “cleanest” scanner we’ve tested to date, producing surprisingly low noise levels, even in its basic 8-bit mode, with no multi-sampling or analog gain tricks at all. Regrettably, the Nikon Tech forum appears to be no more, so these comments are lost to us now, but the gist of them was that you need to shim the surface the stack of slides with a thin piece of coolscan 4000 ed plastic one or more thicknesses of photographic gel material might coolscan 4000 ed.

Basic information on scanner settings are provided, including the current crop size in pixels, final file size, and settings for certain key features. All you have to do is install it, load the drivers and you’re scanning faster than SCSI-based scanners!

Scanning Results For a full analysis of the results we obtained with the Super Coolscan ED, check our coolscan 4000 ed pictures page for it.

Nikon LS ED / Super Coolscan ED – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

The extent of control it provides over the scanning process coolscan 4000 ed unmatched. This is a reduced-size series of crops from a maximum-resolution dpi scan of an Ektachrome “Q60” target. This feature can be very useful for working with images that have color casts or unusual lighting.