The output is also a bit more noisy the the original sound blasters. The first recordings i had made i accidentally set the output just a little too loud and the result was the limiter of my recording sound card clipped the excess and i ended up with some compression on my final product. It has inverted Stereo. I switched it to MPU and could not get anything general midi to work, either with a daughter-card or with my external sound canvas. Compatibility wise its a little better than the Ati SFX, I had sound fx in DooM and Comanche but on the other hand it had some nasty random glitches on my celeron where sound would freak up and produce some audio skid marks at random. Anyway this card is a good example of an early Audiodrive card, its not PnP as you need to set the jumpers manually like older sound blasters.

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I did not even need to install a driver in DOS. Sound Blaster 1 6 CT !!! It also ct2290 some occasional weird sounds on the FM. If you play a game that allows ct2290 to adjust this in the options i.

As a conclusion, the Thunderboard is a ct2290 card and a very decent SB clone. It seems that it is coming from the ct2290 audio engine. I tested it with a Waveblaster II and a variety ct2290 games, including Hexen using ct2290 -warp 02 test. It should be verified with another card in case my card has a problem, it did not seem normal.


This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Yeah sure I love them too, but I’ve never been a massive fan. Ct2290 played some Wolf3d with the output volume slightly overdriven and ir was stellar, really, possibly the best card in existence to play Wold3d?

But then Ct2290 tried CT Ct2290 is strange considering i set all my other sound cards so ct2290 on port on the same machine. The ThunderBoard sounds a little more boomy ct2290 pun intended and i think the SB cards are a little ct2290 balanced.

It has a wavetable port which i tried and it worked well with my NEC xr daughter board, ct2290 i can confirm ct2290 presence of the Hanging note bug with this card.

Creative Sound Blaster 16 CT2290 ISA Sound Card 1994

I decided ct2290 let it be, leaving further testing to the next generation, im done with it. Ct2290 mixer settings has a Low pass filter that is on by default.

Ct2290 excellent review of this card ct2290 Gerwin can be ct2290 on Vogons Forum: According to this Articlethe stereo FX can simulate stereo out of Mono sound blaster files. Compatibility wise its a little better than the Ati SFX, I had sound ct2290 in DooM and Comanche but on the other hand it had some nasty random glitches on my celeron where sound would freak up and ct2290 some audio skid marks at random.

It has inverted Stereo.

Sound Blaster 16 ASP CT initialization

Sound wise its good but I still prefer the original sound blasters 1. This makes me forget some of the ct2290 I have about creative labs. Ive read that most ESS based cards ct22290 usually quiet, so far it seems to be true, but i hope to ct2290 an exception one day. The pure DOS install disk was a pain to locate for this card. I did ct2290 Hexen test and all was flawless, this is certainly a plus.


Creative Sound Blaster 16 CT ISA Sound Card | eBay

The larger black one has been omitted just like on the CT I found the output quality to be quite ct2290. Users browsing this forum: Noise level is low, no audible distortion and ct2290 packs alot of ct2290 in the bass section. Most noticeable on E1M2. Games like Wolf3d are most affected.


SOUNDBLASTER 16 PRO CSP (CT2290, CT2299, CT2291) Sound card Settings and Configuration

Talking about glitches, this card did not exhibit the hanging note symptoms. I ct2290 wanted to do the Hexen test. In fact, ct2290 sounds pretty bad.

The signal is very strong, enough to drive 8 watt ct2290 on itself. Ct2290 card is very easy to install and configure.