Users are troubleshooting and offering suggestions and final solution was to switch paper to gloss as pure white is simply no ink on paper. The picture to the right shows the distance to the wall in the setup above. The black ink change is a somewhat convoluted procedure, so best make sure you really want to do so first. I did the tests using OSX I found this very useful for the first week or so of use, since after being shipped to me with inks already installed, the printer took a while to settle down. For espon papers, drying time takes just a few minutes. This has been improved in the Stylus Pro with the addition of the revolutionary Vivid Magenta pigments.

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True BorderFree Printing The Stylus Pro Printer is capable of printing off both left and right edges of roll based media, while automatically cutting top and bottom edges to produce a full-bleed print epson stylus pro 4880 all four sides. Number of paper trays. Stylks a repair centre close. We are here to epson stylus pro 4880 Printer drivers often have various quirks and I did have some initial problems how best to use roll paper, without lots of waste.

You then need to press the paper type button on the front panel to get back to sheet feed. Commercial Proofing Paper Roll. Best Selling in Printers See all.

The carts go in the left hand epsoj bay. At this speed level, Photo output services and other dedicated application environments can epson stylus pro 4880 overall productivity while still delivering a superb product. Water Resistant Matte Canvas Roll. The black ink change is a somewhat convoluted procedure, so best make sure you really want to do so first.


Epson Stylus Pro – Epson

When epson stylus pro 4880 comes to framing and mounting pictures behind glass, I often like to use Epson Enhanced Epson stylus pro 4880 paper. Use Code LC20 at checkout. Testing a printer for print quality can be highly subjective, all the more so if you use your own colour images. Furthermore, Epson has improved their Microcrystal Encapsulation technology to further reduce the gloss differential thereby reducing metamerism while improved pigment and resin chemistry provides prints with superior scratch resistance.

There are 8 ink cartridge slots in all, meaning you have to choose whether to install the Matt Black or Photo Black when you first set up the printer. This has been improved in the Stylus Pro with the addition epson stylus pro 4880 the revolutionary Vivid Magenta pigments.

The whole thing looks and is a lot more robust than the User is leaning towards Canon and asking if his remaining Epson paper can be custom profiled to use with Canon printer. Email, or phone us on For espon papers, drying time takes just a few minutes.

Cold Press Bright 17″x 15m C13S Which printer for me User looking for information for new printer for beginner who does not print very much, concerned about clogging. It provides impressive midtones and highlights for smoother tonal range, and improves overall black density for significantly richer blacks up to 2.

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Singlepack Cyan T ml C13T Of course the elephant sitting in the corner of the room is that black ink swap procedure. Now enhanced with our breakthrough Vivid Magenta pigments, our current generation ink technology requires only eight colors, including a three-level black technology, to significantly raise stypus quality levels epson stylus pro 4880 professional color and black-and-white prints.


High capacity ink cartridges mean less changes and higher throughput — ideal for fast turnarounds or overnight printing. Suffers from a cumbersome and wasteful black ink swap procedure, which might restrict your use of the epson stylus pro 4880 as a general purpose printer. Printing bidirectionally or unidirectionally produced no real difference between prints, while going for higher printer resolutions epson stylus pro 4880 improved prints slightly — but only eepson I got out a magnifying glass.

Relates to all Stylus Pro ranges and link is provided stglus review. Not a lot in it, but noticeable if you place the two prints together in a viewing cabinet.

Epson Stylus Pro review Very in depth review of all drawbacks and epson stylus pro 4880 excellences by Oleg Novikov professional photographer. Introducing the New Epson Stylus Pro Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, the Epson Stylus Pro incorporates a unique, inch wide printer pr with a breakthrough, new ink technology, forcing the industry to reconsider what’s possible from photographic ink jet printing.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. One thing I noticed was that when you activated the paper lever, the mechanism stylue sometimes snatch epson stylus pro 4880 paper a bit unevenly.