Andreas Peetz November 13, at 7: And then you could also directly install 5. On which front should this be fixed? VERY much appreciated, if you could add. Even though HellMind’s configuration is to my understanding not supported , I’m quite confident that the cause of the problem there is the same, such that it will be addressed by the same fix that will take care of the other affected PCI devices. Anonymous January 6, at 5: Alex Kirtok November 14, at 1:

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Andreas, thank you for the driver! This controller is supported out-of-the-box and was configure as [vmhba0] on your system. It helped me to install 5. This would make your install process look like this should you need to add hardware support: Ez-Aton January 6, at Any idea when the PCI Passthrough will be fixed so it esxk like it did in 5.


Anonymous November 29, at If you plan to modify oem. We appreciate all feedback, esi cannot reply or give product support.

Does anyone have experience with ASMedia based cards?

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Hi all, I’m ahead with the investigations. Thanks again for your help! Hi cacahue, you don’t need to ich9f the vib file to make it available for passthrough. Trak January 9, at The situation is the same on the two Marvell controllers as well as on a add-on card I found using the Marvell controller. Hi Dmitry, yes, see my post here: Adds support for Intel LM Ethernet adapter Will the esxcli software vib install -d http: Dmitry November 16, at 8: Can you let me know when you have a new version icn9r the package scheduled?

Intel Matrix Storage Manager ICH9R RAID 1, both |VMware Communities

Only difference I see is the class in my case, in the entry of Todd. Sorry, I cannot fix that.

Hi Anonymous, the Intel controller Giovanni Lovato March 6, at Another aspect of this problem, I think, is that you can no longer assign a USB controller as a passthrough device. What is included in the environment? Andreas Peetz December 5, at 8: Not the same anonymous as before but is this what you where looking for? You may find instructions about how to modify the package yourself and the tools for it at the ESXi5 Community Packaging Tools project page.


How to Monitor a RAID Array Using IntelĀ® RAID Web Console 2 (RWC2) on

I wonder if you can help out? Andreas Peetz January 17, at Upgraded to ESXi 5.

Hi Andreas, Can this driver work? Hi Andreas, thank you for your response!

Andreas Peetz February 7, at 1: It doesn’t use the driver resp.