We have to hand it to Gigabyte; if there was an empty spot on the board during the design phase, they figured out a way to add a feature in that space. It is at this point that we realized a couple of potential problems with this layout. Gigabyte provides a hefty combination of heatsinks for the northbridge and vrm areas that link together with a heatpipe system. If you’re looking for a catch, it’s worth noting that this board won’t let you overclock your RAM to ludicrous speeds, as is possible with the Asus and Biostar boards. Gigabyte introduced a new color palette on this board and we like it for the most part. Gigabyte GA-EXUD5 Features We have to hand it to Gigabyte; if there was an empty spot on the board during the design phase, they figured out a way to add a feature in that space. The overall expansion slot layout and assortment is excellent.

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The DES system offered fast switching times once a full load was placed on the system and we did not experience any crashes during our benchmark tests. The whole DRAM market is changing. gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5

The only gripe we have is the fact that only one type of FireWire connector is present, while we have seen both 4-pin and 6-pin types present and accounted for on cheaper models like the EXUD3R. Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 to main content.

The good is that it will do its best to keep the user out of trouble; the bad is that when we manually tweak a board we would gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 to know when we are in ga-fx58-ud5.

We definitely would gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 rather seen the floppy port in that location, since few would mind losing access to that gigabhte. Log in Don’t have an account?

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A plethora gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 onboard LEDs gives an at-a-glance picture of internal voltages and clock speeds, while a two-digit display shows POST results. Two of the Sata ports don’t work. Click on image to enlarge As you can see, the general CPU socket area on this motherboard is relatively unobstructed and the northbridge and mosfet coolers are all low profile.

Good motherboard Good motherboard but the charlatan who sold it gigabjte me gave me a damaged motherboard. In this case, that gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 the board’s made with extra-thick copper, which is claimed to improve heat dissipation and power gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5.

This board features a two-phase power delivery system for the northbridge gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 a two-phase delivery for the memory subsystem. But if you’re willing to invest in a gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 board to accompany a high-end Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5, the GA-EXUD5 is a compelling choice that does more or less everything you could ask for.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Otherwise, we commend Gigabyte for a well laid out BIOS gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 for offering the enthusiast just about every option one could use on a board. He put scotch tape over the two that doesn’t work. The same holds true when utilizing the third x16 slot.

The hardware stack in the JMB makes arrays appear as standard hard drives and hence the lack of required software drivers when setting them up. Actually, they do serve a purpose besides looking cool in a windowed case at night: We still notice a few of the crayola colors in use but overall this board would not look bad in a case with a large window.

Gigabyte GA-EXUD5 X58 Motherboard Review | PC Perspective

Overall though, the designers ga-rx58-ud5 done gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 commendable job with the EXUD5’s layout. Due to different Linux support gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 provided by chipset vendors, please download Linux driver from chipset vendors’ website or 3rd party website.


Next is a closer look at the finned northbridge cooler, which features a pretty thick base. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 review

Click on image to enlarge. This is a new design feature specified by Intel to ensure that heavy cooling solutions would not bend and potentially damage the PCB gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 even the CPU socket itself.

This board is loaded with everything but the gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 sink and yet it appears mostly uncluttered; only when using the board do you sometimes notice that it is crowded.

This user-empowering approach is backed up with extensive tweaking and overclocking features, which can be set ga-xe58-ud5 the BIOS or activated from within Windows. Intelligent gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 flies slower than Snapdragons. Radio Shack could be back?

Gigabyte Technology GA-EX58-UD5, LGA 1366/Socket B, Intel Motherboard

Gigabyte provides their EasyTune 6 application that provides monitoring, system information, and overclocking capabilities. The number of memory timing options is immense and includes the ability to setting timings for each individual channel. This can gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 a good and bad decision on behalf gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 the BIOS. Gigabyte GA-EXUD5 Features We have to hand it to Gigabyte; if there was an empty spot on the ga-ex58-ud55 during gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 design phase, they figured out a way to add a feature in that space.

The CPU area is fairly open and our larger air coolers installed perfectly without interference from the heatsinks. The overall gigabye slot layout and assortment is excellent.