Press OK I replied pointing out that my query was for a dongle, not a handset, and asking how I would follow these instructions with a dongle – would I get a screen on my laptop that asked for the unlocking code. I received no reply. CRC9 internal antenna diversity: Since the KZ was introduced by Vodafone only in , the earlier version from Huawei was only designated K without “-H”. Use your wireless device and accessories with care and in clean environment. Did you make this project? Care and Maintenance It is normal that your wireless device gets hot when you use or charge it.

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Safety Huawei k3565 Read the safety information carefully to ensure the correct and safe use of your wireless device. Then connect the K with the computer. Vodafone K Huawei bricked: Unlocked R huawei k3565 not finding network. Before removing the management program, exit the management program.

Huawei EX (Vodafone K) 3G Dongle External Antenna / Casing

The finished box is very nice. Protect your wireless device and accessories from water and vapor and keep them dry. Small and sharp components of the wireless device huawei k3565 cause danger to children or cause suffocation if children swallow the components.


You can huawei k3565 to be fairly rough with the casing, just make sure you’re not flexing the circuitboard inside.


I’d like to install an huawei k3565 antenna Are there any instructions out there or at least a picture of the board showing where to hook up the antenna. A plastic pry tool used for opening mobile phone casings hiawei ideal for this, just try to use something other than a screwdriver which would damage the casing. Insert the card slot into the K I have huawei k3565 huawei e 3g modem.

I can see that this original thread had software attached but I don’t seem to be able huawei k3565 download it. Cheers, LeeH eForum Team.

Vodafone Huawei K Rev-2 Modem Blinking – Community home

Vodafone KH Vodafone sells two different versions of the K Do you find this valuable? Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement Welcome to the forum! I updated the firmware to the latest huawei k3565 Connecting the K with a Computer Note: Huawei k3565 can find the latest firmware for your device and the latest juawei for Vodafone Mobile Connect on our dedicated Mobile Broadband website.

This huawei k3565 a locked archive and content on this page may no longer be up to date. Starting the Management Program After the K is installed, the management program is launched automatically.


Threads for this page. Unlocking unlock codes are available free of charge at http: Regards Trev eForum Team.

huawei k3565 Before a buawei device model huawei k3565 available for sale to the public, it must be tested and certified to the FCC that it does not exceed the limit established by the government-adopted requirement for safe exposure.

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RF signals may affect electronic systems of motor vehicles. Otherwise, the radio signal of the wireless device may interfere with the plane control signals. Resolution for the display: Contact huawei k3565 authorized service center for any abnormity of the wireless device or accessories.

That 5mm drill bit will come in handy once more; providing huawei k3565 good-sized hole for our status LED. Use only accessories of the wireless device approved by the manufacture. To prevent accidents, do not use huawei k3565 wireless device while driving. The actual product may differ.