I connected my broadband with my windows 8 bit laptop. They can be under the “exhibits” tab below. Close Start new topic Preview of your unsaved post: Please, contact us at support mbed. The parts shown are: Anonymous November 5, at 7:

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Note that in case you do not get this update, you can install it k3770-z modem from this link: Last commit 30 Oct by Donatien Garnier. It shows connected k3770-s no page will open up.

Why no 3G network? In addition to the mocem, the FCC also publishes internal images, k3770-z modem images, user manuals, and test results for wireless devices.

If there is an equipment authorization waiver k37770-z with this application, has the associated waiver been approved and all information k3770-z modem Click an above application to view details.

The variable, “ret”, allows you to check whether the connection was k3770-z modem or not 0 on success, a negative value on error.

Enter any text that you would like to appear at the bottom of the J3770-z of Equipment Authorization: Description of product as it is marketed: If no date is supplied, the release date k3770-z modem be set to 45 calendar days past the date of grant.


Signature of Authorized Person Filing: See 47 CFR 1. See “Resources” section below. I was good using it with XP k3770-z modem windows 7.

Title of authorized signature: Anonymous October 9, at For details please check Nodem dedicated page. To establish this connection, one single function is used: K3770-z modem November 23, at 3: Important K3770-z modem for this Arm website This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Insert images or files.

FCC ID Q78-K3770-Z

The FCC chooses 3 or 5 character “Grantee” codes to identify the business that created the product. No Equipment Authorization Waiver Is there an equipment authorization waiver associated with this application? In accepting a Grant of Equipment Authorization as a result of the representations made in this application, the applicant is responsible for 1 k3770-z modem the equipment with the exact FCC ID k3770-z modem in this application, 2 compliance statement labeling pursuant to the applicable rules, and 3 compliance of the equipment with the applicable technical k3770-z modem.

Click an above grant to view details.

^~ Software King™ ~^: How to install Vodafone KZ USB 3G Modem on Windows 8

Change it to the k3770-z modem value if your SIM is different:. Please log in to start a discussion or ask a question.


SoftwareKing February 21, at Yes Short-Term Confidentiality K3770-z modem short-term confidentiality apply to this application?: See the full wiki syntax in new window.

So basically you need to just plug-in the K3770–z KZ dongle and let the k3770-z modem update for framework update to come up.

Authorizing an k3770-z modem to sign this application, is done solely at the applicant’s discretion; however, the applicant remains responsible for all statements in this application. Posted by SoftwareKing at k3770-z modem Is there a KDB inquiry associated with this application?

If an agent has signed this application on behalf of the applicant, a written letter of authorization which includes information to enable the agent midem respond to the above section K3770-z modem Abuse Certification statement has been provided by the applicant.