Once you have done that blow some dust off, do not use a brush. I had a cd-rom attached that has been molested by my dog. The MB is of rev 1. I had a sudden freeze on my pc.. Very important, what motherboard do you have?

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It is good advice. The beep, in a few cases, may also come from a faulty video card: I pulled the power plug out of it waited a few seconds and tried again. Also changed PSU didn’t work either.

I know I’m not completely accurate in these things however all things are properly mounted on the mainboard and the CPU.

Look at your cpu serial number s then go here http: I disconnected everything and still the same. At this point you should not have any ide cables or floppy drive cables.

KM4M Series MS V ATX updating drivers, bios

Sounds like an overheated processor to me. Then place the ram back. So I take it you did not take everything out. Connected the power suply soound the same I had a sudden freeze on my pc. The following error or errors occurred while this message: You should try what I have said, if it works you will be happy.


So by having the board out on a flat suface you can apply maximum force without bending the board. 674 must find out the following.

Msi Sound Drivers Ms 6734

Broken, no power or poorly seated. Do you mean that your CPU is Mhz? Once you have done that blow some dust off, do not use a brush.

The battery is a very good ‘guess’. It would beep if there was no memory installed. The reason I said that is because maybe something is loose or damaged. Then put the Board back on the tray.

I had a cd-rom attached that has been molested by my dog. I pulled out all imaginable cables and cards so only the proc, mem is sounx it and still nothing The sticker on the bank says C.

So you have some ram and you dont know the specifaction of it and it is unbranded. As you mention the memory, what kind is it? Try a well known make like Crucial, check for compatibility on their website. Then plug in the ATX zound connector. So I rebooted as you normally would with Windows and after a few minutes it soumd up again. I just pulled out the power and ide cable when the pc was turned of nothing else has been done to it It won’t go into boot so I don’t see how I could upgrade a bios.


Please tell the AMPS. Then take everything out.