The next time the power is turned on, playback may be resumed from the registered stopped location. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: These five folders can be selectively used to distinguish the kind of recording; for example, Folder [El] might be used to store private information, while Folder [ I] might be dedicated to holding business information. Property Select the files for which you would like to confirm information in advance before operating the menu. Using the recorder on your PC Apart from using this unit as a recorder, you can use it as an external memory for your computer, as a storage device. Menu setting method VCVA When the microphone senses that sounds have reached a preset threshold volume level, the built-in Variable Control Voice Actuator VCVA starts recording automatically, and stops when the volume drops below the threshold level.

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Product Support

This function is convenient for quickly skipping to another playback olympus vn-702pc or repeatedly playing olympus vn-702pc short phrases. Some microSD cards may not be recognized correctly due to circumstances such as changes in manufacturer specifications. Pay attention to the following: Changing the playback speed Change the speed according to need such as listening to meeting content at a fast speed or reviewing spots that you couldn’t catch in a language lesson at a slow speed.

If you format the microSD card, information of file management is refreshed and the data inside the microSD card is not deleted completely. Index marks cannot be placed on files created on machines other than this recorder, but temp marks can be placed instead to olympus vn-702pc remember desired locations. Language Lang You can select the display language olympus vn-702pc this recorder. Recording with menu settings saved using [Register]. For microSD card, the remaining capacity will be shown less than the total capacity of the card olympus vn-702pc to characteristic of the microSD card, but this is not a malfunction.


When [Playback range] is selected: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: About the limits of fast olympus vn-702pc Normal operation may not be available depending on the sampling frequency and the bit rate of the file to be played back.

I Internal memory Cancel After [All data will be erased] message is on for two seconds, [Start] and [Cancel] will turn on. Regardless of the memory remaining amount, olympus vn-702pc longest sound recording time per file is restricted to the following value.

Q Select [Format] from the menu on the [Device Menu]. Technical assistance and support Ollympus following are contact information for technical support olympus vn-702pc Olympus recorders and software only.

Playback speed becomes faster. Never attempt to disassemble a battery or modify it in any way, solder, etc.

Olympus VNPC Specs – CNET

Re c Level [BH! Notes If you press any button in HOLD mode, the clock display lights for olympus vn-702pc seconds, but the recorder will not operate. While the recorder is in stop mode, press the KM button. Doing so may cause parts to deteriorate and, in some circumstances, cause the recorder to catch olympus vn-702pc.

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The volume can be adjusted within a range from [00] to [30]. While the recorder is in playback mode, press the KM olympus vn-702pc twice. The microSD card is visibly out of the slot and can be removed safely. This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits olympus vn-702pc radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications.

Please read olympus vn-702pc instructions for information about using the product correctly and safely. Notes In [File] mode, when the recorder comes to the end of the last file in the folder, [End] olympus vn-702pc for two seconds on the display and the recorder stops at the start of the last file.

Never use other types of cards.

VNPC &gt Product Manuals

When you connect the recorder to Mac OS, it olympus vn-702pc be recognized by the drive name of the product name on the desktop. You can set each menu item as follows. Select the recording mode appropriate to your needs. Do not try to remove the card by force.

Switch to microSD olympus vn-702pc

Never perform operations olympus vn-702pc loympus the following while processing, as they may damage the data. It could easily catch on stray objects and cause serious damage.