This can be time consuming but help you work around scanners with limited dynamic range. Overall, I can recommend the Plustek OpticFilm i AI to any amateur photographer with a moderate archive of films – as long as you take your time to learn how to use it and the SilverFast AI Studio software, you are unlikely to be disappointed. If the scanner doesn’t even pretend to have a high dmax number that’s not a great sign. The infra-red dust and scratch removal works really well, from what I’ve experienced, and makes post processing much less tedious. If you read that issue cover to cover you will find this opinion. The more pixels the merrier.

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But how much detail do they really contain? Just to put things in perspective, if I posted the full frame at, say, x pixels, you would be hard pressed to find where the crops come from – they represent plustwk a tiny portion of the frame. I scan using multi-exposure and multi-scan usually 4 passes for plustek opticfilm 7500i total at a reported dpi and have plusek experienced plustek opticfilm 7500i 19 minute scan.

Just press the button and the image looks like new.

These crops have plustek opticfilm 7500i no sharpening of any kind plustek opticfilm 7500i to them. I can’t comment on the V as I have an Epson Photo. The only film I found a bit limiting was Velvia 50, go figure. Some selected movies about special Opticrilm features can be accessed directly below.

I bought it to scan some of my old ‘Kodachrome 64’ slides for my image library.

Plustek OpticFilm i SE Specs – CNET

That is very nice, oopticfilm plustek opticfilm 7500i about black-and-white films and Kodachrome? I believe the opinion might have been given in the Help Digital section. Do not let my calling pluwtek simple cause you to assume that its cheesy Very high quality materials and extremely flexible and effective software.


And the Epson it replaced. This serves to improve the dynamic range of the scan by scanning the photo twice, with different levels of analogue gain applied. The Archive Suite offers scanner and digital imaging software in a cost-effective package. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner SilverFast Plustek opticfilm 7500i Studio is a professional-grade imaging application that gives you more than you bargained for, opticflim everything from plustek opticfilm 7500i colour management tools to complicated tone curve adjustments.

Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE Scanner

I think the Plustek’s presumably cheaper, fixed-focus optic can be one of the culprits here, which probably doesn’t opticffilm well with the Nikon’s high-grade ED lens and auto-focus. For this reason, those who plan plustek opticfilm 7500i using the QuickScan utility only should consider buying the cheaper OpticFilm instead of the i. Anyone who has worked at all with photos on a plustek opticfilm 7500i should be able to handle this with ease.

This means that even if you plustek opticfilm 7500i a fair bit of experience in image editing, you may find that it takes time to master this peculiar piece of software. Maybe this scanner doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of one of the super high end and super plustek opticfilm 7500i priced models, but for someone who just wants to archive their personal photos on their own time, it performs way off the top of the charts.


The result is shown plustek opticfilm 7500i left. Negative films are not simply the inverse of positive film – they all have an orange mask, opticflim needs to be filtered out in order to get the colours right. So far, I am always very pleased with the results and I can recommend this product without any restrictions.

To be fair though, some of SilverFast’s features are actually quite straightforward to use. I am not surprised. I overcame this 1 minor short coming by cutting rectangular holes in a blank piece of 35mm film and taping smaller negatives over the hole but I’m sure they could provide different negative frames to facilitate other film sizes.

I do not have a lot to spend on 7500u scanner as I have already gone all out on a Leica M and lenses. Plustek opticfilm 7500i think there is no point in scanning at more than ppi, you only get a olustek file but no more useful detail. I find it unusable as it leaves halos at high contrast edges and has alignment problems with my Canon FSUS. Is there a discount when upgrading to a more powerful version or if you plustek opticfilm 7500i own a SilverFast software?

I personally found the Silverfast software intuitive and plusgek to use. One of the handiest is called NegaFix. plustek opticfilm 7500i