January 25th, 3. No WiFi capacity shows at all on her Win7 computer. Yes this happened to me too. Originally Posted by benedictducky. This Ralink Linux Client comes and goes on my Thinkcentre showing up sometimes but not all the time. Which I do not use. An easier way of finding out would be to check the MAC address of the RalinkLinuxClient on the system and comparing it to the MAC addresses of the devices connected to the router.

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You will need a wired connection to download the pertinent files. If your computer was connected to the router through a LAN cable, it would remain connected despite the change, else restart the system and reconnect to the new SSID using the new password. New 05 Nov 6. Ralink Linux Client showing up in Windows Network.

We cannot deny that possibility and would make sure that the system is not compromised for any reason. Today, the familiar Ralink reference was replaced by something under ‘Computers’ called thor. Regards, Anil 2 people were helped by this reply. While other devices that are connected to your router do not appear in the Network section of your system under you connect them specifically, the RalinkLinuxClient internal chipset uses the same IP rt860 range as your router, especially if your router uses the default IP address range.


My Thinkpad is connected wirelessly.

Why is RalinkLinuxClient showing up in Windows network

If something shows up or goes missing then you can investigate as liunx. Supported devices are listed at the end of this page. Acer P86H Screen Resolution: I renamed my router, changing from the default name to a label of my own. See also known issues. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

I am using a Buffalo router but I still have an old functioning Network router in storage.

I wanted to let you know that my problem seems to be solved. Checked mine and it is my Foscam outdoor camera I use for my weather station. I also had alien phones appearing under ‘phones’.

Find More Posts by radiodee1. Phones no longer appear. We will be happy to help you.

Though harmless, if you really need to remove the RalinkLinuxClient from appearing on your system, try the following steps:. Join Date Jun Beans 1.

Why is RalinkLinuxClient showing up in Windows network –

Hit Apply to save the settings and it would disconnect your system from the wireless network. I am planning when I get time to swap out the Buffalo for the Netgear and see what happens.


If not someone else may be able to offer another solution I was able to use my brand new Windows 8. Quite a few results were returned.

Driver source and firmware is here. Should I have any concerns about my network security? Ralston18 Jul 23,5: I now see a couple of such access points appearing in my neighborhood.

No real attention or time is spent determining much about that device. It shows up — then disappears — and never gets an IP Address. However, since I have worked with many routers, I could suggest the general method to change the SSID and password of the router. But the Ralink thing is still there.