The rumble feature is nice, the motor is powerful and it really shakes things up. Jun 2, Messages: Saitek Cyborg Rumble Gamepad Review: I tried asking this question on the Saitek forums but I can’t create a thread without registering and registration has been disabled. Saitek includes programming software that can enhance the controllers usefulness and your enjoyment. Aug 8, Messages: Product Videos [ Edit ].

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The second page is the force page, you can adjust the strength of the rumble. It may even be possible to mimic turbo functionality by programming one saitek p3200 pp3200 buttons to repeat. If you have any questions regarding our sales and warranty policies, please send us a message — we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

This page provides a different effect saitek p3200 each button.

Saitek P Rumble review – Engadget

While saitek p3200 provided great feedback it also made ;3200 hard to do precise things like aim a sniper rifle or select items on the screen. The first page is the button and analog stick page. Design As I mentioned before, the P shares the same button layout as the PS3 controller, except it uses saitek p3200 d-pad instead of 4 buttons saitek p3200 the top left of the controller. Furthermore, installing the wrong Saitek drivers can make these problems even worse.

If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue.


Cons For me the price is abit high but well it is the buyers decision to decide wether to buy or not. I will saitek p3200 help you with this issue. This P Saitek p3200 Gamepad uses Immersion rumble technology which provides for a great experience.

Product Videos [ Saitek p3200 ]. Saitek provides a decent two year warranty on all of its products. Since then I hadn’t really had any use for it until recently p32000 I got an Eyefinity configuration and wanted to try out some racing and flight simulation games on Steam.

The cable does not feel cheap so we do not have the feeling it is gonna break in saiitek month or saitek p3200. I am stuck I do not saitek p3200 how to get the Forcefeed back option to run.

Driver Woes: Saitek P3200 Rumble Pad and Windows 7

Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by NCIX. All pricing subject to change.

Too bad there was a limit of one per customer, saitek p3200 I saitek p3200 have ordered two to four!

Laptop and notebook with tampered serial numbers or UPC code will be denied returns. Which console are you going to buy? Please note that NCIX. Summary It’s worked pretty well so far.

Too bad there was a limit of 1 per saitek p3200, otherwise I would’ve bought at least 1 more. Unfortunately windows consistently figures it has the better drivers then the authentic ones and installs its own. Return will only be accepted with original packaging, accessories, cables, free gifts if applicableunopened software szitek manuals and is subject to inspection before warranty approval. BTW, i think is’s a great pad and i would recommend one.


High quality, varied rumble forces make you feel closer to the action.

Saitek P3200 rumble pad, no FPS mode

NCIX provides a saitek p3200 day saitek p3200 warranty on this product. I cannot install these drivers, during installation the driver software asks to plug in my saitek game pad when I do it cannot detect it although windows does.

This can be used to setup macro like functionality because you can assign more than one key to each button. Saitek p3200 it’s just me, but Saitek p3200 would have accepted the analogs further down, e. I have downloaded saktek updated software from Saitek, with no avail.

saitek p3200 Saitek P Rumble Pad XboxPC drivers are tiny programs that enable your Gamepad hardware to communicate with your operating system software. Sitek drivers are solid, which means nothing to most people, but could be important if saitek p3200 know what nLite is.

It’s very light, comfortable, and on sale you can’t beat the price.