I will keep you updated guys: I briefly touched on this in my previous post from This was indeed a first generation WMO. How exactly do I make out whether it’s one of the newer worthwhile models? I have read that the mice he’s selling aren’t real.

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Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Specs – CNET

I will keep you updated guys: Unfortunately, I easily hit the negative acceleration threshold hz, and my degree turn looks more like a degree bout of confusion. I ran all games for years with exactly the same method without issue. Yeah after using this for a few weeks i’m positive it’s legit. The wheel mouse optical 1.1 a models are Mokse fromi.

ESR – Wheel Mouse Optical a

Yes ebay is the quickest replacement for most lol. Maybe the sensor isn’t strong enough for that and skips sometimes dunno.

Oh and games stuff, too. Anyway, the one I got was from according to the 4-digit number.


Sensor was the same, but shell, and buttons, felt much worse. LoD is about 3 CDs or even more. The varying labeling is somewhat confusing, but I’m pretty sure all are MLT04, just not entirely sure whether they are 6k or 9kfps variants though, except for the 3.

They only came in middle of the pack when Sujoy did his mouse comparison test years ago if I remember correctly. Spiced our old buddy up with a quote from RocknRolla. Thank you so much for this guide. It moue depends on your hand size, shape and grip style. I bought one, too, now. Note that this involves running windows with some system wheel mouse optical 1.1 a changed. I’ve got some whwel coming in now. Zowie wins this round. Not Logged In Login Register.

When I originally saw the 09 date and the condition it was in I thought otherwise. Mark Simpson May 31, at This is shameless self-promotion, but I made this a while back and thought you might like it.


3x Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical X802382

None of them are white. The guy that mousse the driver has showed a lot of ingenuity, and the community came together wheel mouse optical 1.1 a raise the funds to sign the driver. Have considered asking if I can buy a bunch: This was last month: I decided to try something new.

The housing is completely dark grey. Newer sensors as well. D, my mx left button is fucked. I’ve bought all my 3. Ok, I made another test.

Why are people so obsessed with WMOs?