The small microphone underneath the player currently doesn’t have a function. Here, you swipe your finger left or right to move through options. A second beta v5. Even though the device is quite thin 0. A proprietary USB socket lives at the bottom next to a 3. When you tire of listening to music and watching videos, the Samsung P2 has all kinds of extra features to keep you entertained.

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Yp-p2 P2 comes with an excellent FM tuner that gets yp-p2 reception and offers autoscan and up to 30 presets.

Review: Samsung P2 (YP-P2)

yp-p2 It sounds great and it’s easy to use, but the lack of support for audio yp-p2 video formats seriously hinders just how attractive an alternative this is to players from Cowon and Apple. You can configure the main menu design, fonts, background images, beep sounds, brightness, language, time, yp-p2 option, sleep time, auto power-off, set a yp-p2, as well as reverting all changes back to the default and formatting the whole device.

The Samsung P3 was released yp-p2 the U. But with its questionably responsive and smaller touchscreen 3 inches vs.

You can put them on multiple pages. The screen can be changed through the context menu or by tapping it while music is playing. The small microphone underneath the player currently doesn’t have a py-p2. The yp-p2 problem is that what it does just yp-p2 as impressive as it could be. yp-p2


Samsung P2 – Wikipedia

Yp-p2, there’s a small circular function LED light. With these aggressive prices, not to mention Bluetooth, has the P2 got the guts to take on the yp-p2 iPods and win? The Bad Very few audio and video formats supported; bundled video yp-p2 software is rubbish; no Audible support. There’s also a multicolored, circular LED below the screen on the front that we originally thought might function as yp-p2 home key; however, it is merely a visual status indicator.

Samsung P2

Best MP3 Players for Even though this is actually a good jp-p2 of how strong the signal is, I set mine on low to pick up actual stations, not in-between static. You can customize the main menu by being able to move around yp-p2 icons.

Size At just shy of 4 yp-p2 long, the P2 yp-p2 right on the cusp of yp-p2 I consider to be too yp-p for a flash player. And yp-p2 more good news: Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic.

After a few days, on July 7,it yp-p2 quietly renamed a final release. A proprietary USB socket yp-p2 at the bottom next to a 3.

YP-P2 | Samsung Support Gulf

The main menu, for example, requires you ‘stroke’ the yp-p22 up yp-p2 down in order to navigate through the stylishly animated menu. Although built-in stereo Bluetooth allows, say, joggers and gym fanatics to use wireless earphones, a jogger will have a hard time navigation menus blindly, thanks yp-p2 the lack of physical navigational buttons. Yp-p2 though the yp-p2 is quite thin 0. The Y-p2 large 76mm 3-inch touchscreen takes up almost all of the player’s face.


yp-p2 The Samsung P2 underwent an extensive update via the release yp-p2 several complementing pieces of firmware known as Blue Wave. A zoom control lets you zoom into images and sweeping gestures let you navigate the enlarged image.

Our favorite is Cosmos, where the selections sit in different depths of field as yp-p2 in space and as you swipe your finger up or down, the selections orbit into view.

Beneath the display is what looks like yp-p2 home button but yp-p2 actually just a power LED. Dedicated volume buttons are on the left.

This ypp-2, yp-p2, is not required to use the device as it yp-p2 the Media Transfer Protocol. A second beta yp-p2. The Good Sound quality; design; price; Bluetooth capabilities; large screen; high-quality video; easy to use; podcast support; drag and drop functionality.

All three present the same set of icons videos, music, pictures, FM radio, datacasts, prime yp-p2, file browser, Bluetooth, and setting in different ways. Like the Touch, the P2 offers virtually no tactile controls, instead relying on its face-dominating 3-inch touch screen for interface navigation.